Construction Administration

For a limited amount of clients Eric oversees the construction as a Construction Administrator.

While the Contractors remain responsible for the means and methods of construction (as by law) Eric oversees that all construction is done per design specifics and acts as an intermediary between the Contractor and the client. Eric also may approve payments based on work completed.

Finally, Eric can mediate any difficulties or misunderstandings between the parties as a fair arbitrator.

Benefits for a client: 

1. Assurance that the project is built as designed.

‚Äč2. Works very well with out of area clients.

3. The design improves at the build with new insights in real time. The outcome only ever improves.

4. No payments are made before work is completed or completed correctly.

5. Can save a lot of money if a client pursues an 'Owner Builder' type of arrangement, which eliminates Contractor mark-ups.