Residential Projects: Billing is set at 8% of construction costs for design with and hourly overlay for Municipality interactions and hearings. See our hourly rates below.

The standard retainer to begin work is set at $6,500. This rate is for a minimum $500,000. budget. This is our average client budget.

Smaller projects are more expensive per sq/ft so they are billed at:

  • 9% for $350,000 to $500,000.
  • 10% $175,000-$350,000.
  • 12% for $75,000. - $175,000. 

$75,000 is our basic minimum project that our office will contract for. Below that, work can be conducted at the standard hourly rate.

Hourly rate within a contract: For projects that are billed at the hourly rate, and for hourly rates within a contract the standard rate s $375./hr.

Associate work is billed at $175/hr. on all hourly agreements. Hourly agreements are all verbal (no contract).

Hourly rate outside a contract but over a minimum of 10 hours is billed at $425./hr.

For Consultations: One off consultations (one hour long) on the viability of a project, ideas for a possible project or to review another architect/designer's work (1 hour) is set at $675./hr.

Discounts: Some discounts are available upon request.

2024 Fee Schedule