5 Reasons to Choose Wynkoop Architecture:


Inspired Design:

Great projects begin with great design. While others are expert at designing what was and what is, we specialize in what’s next.  We design what has never been. A place as unique as your imagination.  Eric, our design Director, utilizes all of the tools at his disposal: advanced education, extensive experience, along with a natural gift for innovative and unique design solutions.  

Outstanding Personalized Service:

We pride ourselves in developing relationships. Where  others may see you as a number in their project queue, Wynkoop Architecture, walks with you every step.  We are proud of receiving numerous awards over the years, most recently ‘Best of Houzz 2024’- Service”.

Efficiency In Production:

We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects fast. Projects do not get lost in our office and are scheduled carefully so the work can be done quickly and efficiently.  We have experience in working with over 20 municipalities in California, and will work with your city or county to get your project approved.  Other firms may work  against a city’s guidelines, but we prefer to strategize solutions within the guidelines, saving our clients headaches and money.

Experience and Education:

With 23 years of professional experience and over 160 residential and commercial projects under our belts, we are ready to solve even the toughest design problems. Eric has previous experience as a residential builder (2007-2012), and 10 years of  design and architecture  education.. Besides a 21st century Master of Architecture degree, Eric also has an additional 3 years of training in interior design, specializing in lighting, landscape, and kitchen design.  . Many of our competitors do not have an advanced degree, and fewer still have ever built anything! ...

Commitment to Lifelong Learning:

Eric’s nature is to remain forever curious, open, and living on the leading edge of thought. His master’s thesis was on the psychology (Neuroscience) of design, and he maximizes the research he completed, and continues to study. Utuilizing neurological responses to create spaces that enliven, enrich and support better outcomes. Spaces that people love and where people thrive.

We are at your service, and offer a complimentary initial design consultation on your future projects. We are designing NOW for spring/summer construction projects. Call us today at 831-620-5744


Why Choose Us?